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Gwerkova was formed in the year 2008 in purpose of self-entertainment. Two girls, who lived together in Bratislava on the famous Gwerkova street, decided to collect music ideas, which seemed to be useless concepts for their other bands - Gaspi sings in Sick and Zsuzsi plays in Moustache.
They went through several changes and several kind of music: from unplugged to electro-folk, from pop to ambient. Even more, in the year 2010 Jani Ürögi, the electronic music producer joined Gwerkova. Earlier he used a lot of nicknames for several music projects. The latest one is Illl, under which he runs his own stuff.
Nowadays they are trying to create more spherical music combining with electro,-folk,-IDM,- dunkelpop,- field recording or experimental elements.


released October 20, 2010



Track Name: Biosphere
Somehow we wrapped the sunrise
And made a hole in the sky
Somehow we killed the bees
And destroyed the voice of the trees

Somehow we ate the world
And waste the water supply
The ants emigrated to the universe
The plants ignore our air-hunger

In the river our shit flows
Oil and dollars, where is a fish?
The stone is death, the sunrise too
We wash ourselves in sick seas.
Track Name: Diarrhoea
I am a girl,you are a boy
I was hungry you had food,
I was empty you had fuel

But you refused to give me
Something that can bring me
To dagger on the dance floor with you

The sky is blue
My heart went trough a leprosis

Happy ponies and
A candy you showed me
Wasn't for me

I am still suffering of the food poisoning
And till the healing I can not eat anything

'Cause you refused to give
Something that can bring me
To dagger on the lifefloor with you.
Track Name: Meet You at 5 AM
You woke me up
You built a cage between me and the sun
I am eager to know
Damaged am I
Or you all
The traffic jam in my soul

Words at 5 am
The world is down
Again and around
Not well-argued mental state
Wetting out in an unknown place

Things we've seen never exists
We are haunting our tails
Football play without goals
Comics without colors

When phrases fly
Simpers all around
Pronunciation of our lives
Is false and till the last breath
The question still remains

Pills in my hands
Voices in my head
Will I ever sleep?

Cross on my shoulder
War in my days
Will I ever live